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Contact Form - 0.9.4

This module allows you to create one or more Contact Pages, alternatively you can assign a ContactForm as a content part or widget to an arbitrary page. In all cases, the posted request will be shown in the admin panel under the Contact Requests menu item, and you may optionally designate an email address to be sent the contact request as well, if you have the Email module configured.

0.9.4 is a minor update, fixing the phone number validation to allow international phone numbers

NOTE: This is an open-source project hosted on CodePlex. Please direct issues and submit pull requests there.

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Category: Messaging and Mail
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Last updated: 11/18/2011
Package ID: Orchard.Module.CyberStride.Contacts

Version history

Version Downloads Last updated Rating
Contact Form 0.9.3 424 28 Mar 2011
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Contact Form 0.9.2 812 14 Feb 2011
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Contact Form 0.9.1 494 27 Jan 2011
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    PlanetTelexInc3/5/2013 8:16:38 PM

    We've build a new contact form for Orchard 1.6. In addition to being compatible, it uses the Orchard Anti-Spam module to protect your form from spamming you:

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    fg_garda11/21/2012 1:07:14 PM

    I created a fork for Orchard 1.6 as the current version (0.9.4) has some bugs.

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    RandyGlenn5/2/2012 1:47:49 AM

    After a bit of work and applying all the fixes posted so far, I got it working reasonably well. I added a mailto: link in the admin page so responses can be sent directly from admin page. However, I never figured out where @Html.DateTime extension is defined as referenced in the Views/Admin/index.cshtml page. Just deleted it to get things working.

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    Vite1/14/2012 10:22:35 AM

    Hello! In the last update of the module does not work check form filling.

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    morgma11/3/2011 1:27:52 PM

    Line 8 in index.cshtml - Style.Request("Admin"); This breaks the module as there is not a stylesheet called "Admin" regsitered with the resource manifest. I would submit a patch, but I have no idea where I would do that.

  • * * * * -
    David_de_Vries9/27/2011 9:20:02 AM

    Thanks Bertrand, that solved my problem!

  • * * * * -
    Bertrand Le Roy9/20/2011 10:06:31 PM

    I found another bug in the size limit for the message that can be fixed by adding the following code to the migration: public int UpdateFrom2() {SchemaBuilder.AlterTable("ContactPartRecord", table => table.AlterColumn("Message", column => column.WithType(DbType.String).Unlimited()));return 3;}

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    nduarte9/18/2011 9:01:45 PM

    Great module, i´m using this module on two websites and my customers a very happy with it. There is a bug on the admin area ->Contact Requests list: duplicate entries with 01/jan/00. But there´s already a fix for this bug made by kevink on a fork in codeplex repo: Just need to go to the source code of this module edit the three lines of the file Controllers/ContactController.cs, like showed on the link. I tryied and it work´s like a charm!! It would be nice if the authors of this module could fix this, like it is mentioned above and repackage and upload the module into another version to this gallery. Thank´s.

  • * * * * -
    lipu8/15/2011 5:12:48 AM

    Great module. I like it very much. But there is a bug of getting dup entries with 01/jan/00. Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks

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    ericgsims7/11/2011 9:48:18 PM

    does anyone know how to customize this form? i can do it in the project most likely, but isn't there an admin instead?

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    kiumo6/30/2011 7:32:07 AM

    Great component. There is a bug getting dup entries with 01/jan/00 when call TryUpdateModel also there is a bug in admin requests grid paginator when you delete all messages in page 2 the grid appears blank and the footer says "Showing 11 10 of 10" otherwise is easy to configure and works fine. ** Godaddy medium trust hosting environment (poor performace but works!)** To set up your contact form in Godaddy: host name: port: 25 require authentication clicked and setting the user name with the correct password. Hope that helps. Great component bad hosting

  • * * * * -
    jeremy.kelaher6/22/2011 2:01:46 AM

    buggy on 1.2, getting dup entries with 1/jan/00 dates in admin interface. Otherwise, great, thanks!