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  • Amba.ImagePowerTools

    Image power tools module for Orchard CMS. Stuff you need to create image gallery or insert

    2.3.4 published 4 years ago by Musuk

  • Photo Albums

    This module allows you to create photo albums. Module provides following effects: lightbox

    1.0.1 published 8 years ago by alexankin

  • Facebook Suite

    Provides a variety of Facebook-related features including Comments, Facepile, Like button,

    1.3.4 published 6 years ago by Piedone

  • Science Project: Mechanics

    A framework for creating many-to-many relationships (connectors) between content items - a

    0.9.991 published 7 years ago by randompete

  • Media Picker Field

    Adds a new field to select a file using the Media Picker dialog

    1.2 published 7 years ago by sebastienros

  • Theme Editor

    Create/edit Javascript, CSS and Razor files and select a page template/layout for a page.

    1.4.5 published 6 years ago by M33

  • Pretty Gallery

    The Pretty Gallery module allows to create media galleries of images. Galleries are presen

    1.0.1 published 5 years ago by CraneInTheSky

  • Stars

    A (really) simple five-star rating module. Requires the Voting module to be installed. To

    1.3 published 7 years ago by heskew

  • Vandelay Meta Tags

    Add descriptions and keywords to your contents

    1.0 published 8 years ago by Bertrand Le Roy

  • Robots

    Provides a way to define and modify the robots.txt file at the site root through configura

    1.0.3 published 6 years ago by chadscharf