Cascade.Head 1.4 Define HTML head region elements such as meta and http-equiv tags

An Orchard CMS Module for maintaining html head tags (link, meta, charset, etc)

IMPORTANT: Do not upgrade from version 0.95 to 1.4. There is no data conversion path and you will have to reenter all data.

Head Elements can be attached to the site (Site Settings), to a Content Type (Content Settings) and/or to individual Content Items.

After installation you need to add the Head Part to whatever Orchard Content Types are appropriate. For example, you will likely want to add the Head Part to the Page Content Type, and maybe also the Blog Post Type. Although you can add the Head Part to any type, it's unlikely that you would want to add it to anything other than a Page or a Blog.

Once the Content Type has been configured, you can enter head elements whenever you add or edit content types.

Cascade.Head will not work with standard Orchard Themes unless you modify them. Specifically, you need to remove most of the head tags from Document.cshtml and Resources.cshtml. If you use Cascade themes this has already been done.