Navigation Upgrades 0.2.2 Simple hierarchical navigation widget, breadcrumb widget and XML sitemap


This module enables navigations to be added as widgets. There are 4 features to choose from.

1) Navigation widget Generates a menu widget Options: - Hierarchical or normal menu - Generate menu from a selected item position - Sort navigation by position, name or url Caching is enabled for menu items lookup Note: Enabling it, will hide the default standard navigation. You have to add it again as a widget.

2) Localization filter for navigation widget Adds a new option for the standard navigation widget: - Localization filter for the navigation widget, enabling selecting a specific culture or auto-select of the current culture

3) Breadcrumbs widget Generates breadcrumbs, based on the position of the current Url Caching is enabled for menu items lookup

4) Sitemap Generates a sitemap in XML from the navigation elements (can be found at


Known bug: Editing an alias/path from a content type or the alias manager doesn't update the navigation cache!


Possible future upgrades: Recipe for automatic adding the navigation widget Faster Breadcrumbs lookup and maybe some culture filtering Extend features on the Sitemap Few admin front-end upgrades (like move up/down/level in/level out etc.) and position selection from the editor template