Google-TFA Adds Two-Factor Authentication to Orchard CMS

Adds Two-Factor Authentication (works with the Google Authenticator App) to Orchard CMS.

Features: 1. Two-Factor Authentication 2. User Profile 3. Twilio SMS 4. SMS Activities Workflows

Module Features: 1. Site level settings - Enable/disable features for the site/force requirements on user settings. 2. User level settings - Enable/disable features per user 3. Reset/verify correct set up of TFA 4. Administrators can allow users to login without TFA if problems are encountered. 5. Backup SMS/Email functionality (SMS uses Twilio) 6. QR-Code for easy integration into Google's Authenticator app 7. User profile area for managing TFA settings.

This is an initial release so please inform me of any bugs and I'll try to fix them as I get time. Also feel free to view/contribute to this module on github: