GroupDocs Online Signature Plugin 1.0.3 This plugin allows you, your partners and clients to sign documents online, right on your

With this plugin you can seamlessly integrate the GroupDocs Online Signature service into your Orchard website. It will allow you to embed documents right into web-pages on your website and then invite clients, partners or colleagues to sign the documents online. This is a completely paperless approach of getting Contracts, NDAs, Sales quotes, Invoices - whatever you need - signed in seconds, without the need of printing, scanning, faxing and mailing them.

Any document can be signed with just a few simple steps: 1. Upload a document you want to get signed. The following document formats are supported: all Word processing files (DOC, DOCX, ODT, etc.), PDF documents, TIFF images. 2. Add fields that should be filled in by the signer. For example: Name, Date, Signature, etc. 3. Embed the document into a web-page on your Orchard website. 4. Invite your partner/client to sign the document. The signer doesn't need to download the document or install any software. He/she will be able to apply the signature online, right on the web-page by drawing it or uploading a scanned copy of his/her handwritten signature. 5. Once the document is signed, you can download and/or store it in the GroupDocs secure cloud storage.

All documents signed with the GroupDocs Online Signature service are absolutely legally binding in US, Canada, European Union and the majority of developed countries, and have the same legal validity as documents signed with a pen.