Simple Selection Menu 0.1 Simple menu implementation that allows you to control selection state of menu via part.

This is simple menu implementation that allows you to control menu item selection state via part. It goes well with multi-language menu and great CulturePicker module.

Use this module if you need to have menu item selected when some not obviously correlated content is viewed. By default menu item is selected when its url is a part of currently displayed content url. This is sufficient in one culture scenario, but problems might arise in 2 or more cultures scenario.

Let’s take cultures: en and pl (Poland). You want to have a menu item with urls: “/page-en” (when viewing page in en culture) and “/page-pl” (when viewing in pl culture) and you want to display the same list of item on those pages. Now, when you display item with url “/page-en/item/some-title” you’ll get menu item highlight only for “page-en” element, but for “page-pl” you won’t. This is when module comes in. You can add part SelectionMenuItemPart to your type and add menu item urls to it. In our example we would add “/page-en;/page-pl” to have proper menu items selected when viewing content type. You can also set default urls in part’s settings so when creating new item, the SelectionMenuItemPart fields will be filled.

I hope someone will find this useful as I did :)