Content QR Codes 1.0 Displays QR Codes for all of your content item Urls in admin screens

Note: Only use this module with Orchard v1.4 or later

Currently, this module only implements one feature called "Content QR Codes". This feature uses the Google api to generate QR Barcode images containing the absolute Url for each content item displayed in the admin screen that also implements the Autoroute part.

There is some basic configuration added to the site settings menu to adjust the size of the images displayed which can be found in the Content list (Admin/Contents/List) or any "SummaryAdmin" view of content items that implement the Autoroute part.

One possible use case would be to provide a site administrator or contributor the ability to copy these images and use them in other types of marketing such as a brochure providing a quick way for people to find a specific page on your site from a mobile device with the ability to scan a QR code.