Q42.DbTranslations 1.3.2 Enables interface translation feature directly in Orchard's admin panels instead of .po fi

* new in v 1.3 * * Search for translations or translatable files * v1.3.1 fixes 2 bugs related to scope and to importing from code * v1.3.2 fixes a bug where files from the \obj\ folders are also imported from code

Allows users to edit the translation files from within the Admin environment itself. The translations are immediately visible to all users (no IIS restart needed as in the current *.po file solution).

It is compatible with the default *.po translation functionality. You can import *.po files and export your translations as *.po files. It's also compatible with the Vandelay.TranslationManager and the OrchardPo module.

Features * You don't need to change any code! Keep using the @T("") or @T.Plural("","",int) :) * Translation changes are immediately visible for all users * All translations are cached for optimal performance * Userfriendly editing experience via the "Translations" module in the Admin menu * When Multitenancy is enabled, each Tenant can have its own translations

Compatibility * Import all *.po files currently loaded in the website, that way everything stays the way it was! * Import *.po.zip files from http://www.orchardproject.net/localization * Export *.po.zip files to give back to the community or import into another installation * The same database tables and configuration are used as in the OrchardPo module that Orchardproject.net itself uses for translations