Vandelay Industries 1.8 A collection of useful Orchard modules

A collection of useful features.

Classy: Add ids, classes and scripts to the rendering of your content items through this part that can be added to any content type.

Content Admin Menu: Adds an admin menu entry per content type under the "Content" header.

Custom Sort (new!): Drag and drop content items to create custom sort orders that can then be used in projections.

Favicon: Adds a favicon setting to site settings.

Relative Url Filter: Transforms image source and link hrefs into absolute URLs, for example to avoid broken images in Feedburner.

Remote RSS: Include remote RSS feeds into your Orchard sites

Splash Screen (new!): Displays a splash screen to all first-time users.

Theme Picker: Pick a theme based on the user agent.

Translation Manager: Translation management command-line tools.

User Storage (experimental): Provides a user-specific server-persisted key value data store.

The following features were removed from this release, because the have been added to core Orchard: Tag Cloud, FeedBurner, Tag RSS.