Metro Clean, simple and sleek design for metro-style websites. Branding your website has never b


Clean, simple and sleek design for metro-style websites. Updated to Version

Responsive Design

Metro is a fully responsive theme, so it automatically adjusts to any screen size. Get ready for mobile now!

Carousel Slider

We included that awesome slideshow you always needed in your website, as a simple to use script. Easy, hum?!

Megamenu & Toggle

We've included several cool navigation options, that you can apply to your theme as needed! From megamenus to accordions, as well as a smooth toggle menu for mobile!

Loaded with cool features

Metro includes styles for every need: - Great Typography - Several Table styles - Form elements styles - Buttons for all your needs - Over 500 icons - Badges and labels - Alert boxes - Progress bars - Pagination elements - and more!

Cool Widgets

A great website needs great widgets, and we've added some pretty cool stuff: - Carousel Slider - Accordion - Modal popups - Tooltips and popovers