Responsive Theme for Developers 1.1.2

Responsive Theme for Developers optimized for Orchard 1.10.1. Features:

  • Responsive zones with Bootstrap 3 Grid
  • Layout Part Grid System responsive with Bootstrap 3 Grid
  • Responsive Main Menu with burger button for mobile devices
  • Search form in main menu
  • Dropdown menu, with two levels
  • Favicons for multiple devices
  • Bootstrap pager
  • Responsive dynamic form elements
  • Share to social - Layout Snippet
  • Responsive iFrame - Layout Snippet
  • Authenticated User - Layout Snippet
  • Orchard Notification converted to Toastr messages
  • Responsive Image element
  • Responsive Logon Form
  • Accept Cookies message
  • Page loader with font-awesome icon
  • Disable button on form submit
  • Customized blogpost
  • Gulp for compiling Sass, JavaScript compression, CSS Prefixing, Image minification etc.

For more information read the documentation.