Combinator 2.0 Combines and minifies external stylesheets and javascript files

Combines and minifies (with YUI Compressor) external stylesheets and javascript files.

WARNING: Combinator needs at least Orchard 1.7!

WARNING: this module is dependent on other modules. Please read the documentation on the project homepage!


  • Combines and minifies css files
  • Combines and minifies javascript files
  • If local and remote resources are mixed (like a local js files with one from a CDN) preserves their original order
  • Preserves conditional resources and minifies (if multiple with the same condition are after each other, also combines) them
  • Can combine remote (CDN) resources
  • Can embed images into stylesheets as data urls
  • Experimental image sprite generation support
  • Resource sets can be defined for better client-side caching: you can create sets of resources that are combined separately (e.g. all jQuery scripts can be in their individual file)
  • Busts browser cache when resources are updated
  • Ability to set custom resource domain
  • Exposing resource processing events
  • LESS and SASS preprocessors, contribution of Onestop Internet, Inc.
  • Command line command for emptying cache
  • Info comment in bundled resources about which resources were combined
  • Tuned to be fast
  • With custom IStorageProvider can work in cloud hosting too (if there is no write access to the Media folder anyway)
  • Import/export settings
  • Administration page: * Adjust combination exclusion filter * Enable/disable combination of CDN resources * Set up resource domain * Enable/disable minification and adjust exclusion filter * Enable/disable image embedding and adjust exclusion filter * Enable/disable image sprite generation * Define resource sets * Enable/disable for admin site ** Empty cache

For documentation and version history see the project homepage linked from below.